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Spring Home Décor: Tips & Tricks

The arrival of spring is a time for celebration as the beauty of nature returns again. Yet, knowing how to best embody that idea in your spring home décor can be a little tricky. Easter or Passover decorations are easy enough to figure out, but what about the other months of spring? Create a sense of freshness, new growth, and light inside your home with the right décor tweaks and tricks. If you haven’t made any major upgrades to the backbone of your décor, like new couches or an entire bedroom set, in quite a while, spring is the ideal time to do it. Let Ashley help you find just the right pieces to bring a sense of spring beauty to your home.

When to Decorate Your Home for Spring

It’s entirely up to you when you want to start setting out your favorite spring décor. Most people put away their winter decorations by February or March, even if reliable spring warmth won’t come until April or March. There’s often a sense of anticipation in deciding when to decorate for spring, so it can begin right after the holidays if you like. Others may want to delay big changes until nearly the start of summer so that their seasonal updates can work for both seasons. It’s all up to you and how soon you want to start enjoying your new décor.

Best Types of Spring Home Décor to Shop For

Spring is one of the best times of the year for adding new upholstered furnishings like couches, sectionals, love seats, and more. Living rooms in particular benefit from big updates because they may look a little worn or aged after a long winter. New rugs play an integral part in how to decorate your home for spring, especially if you choose designs with nature themes or bright seasonal colors. Mantel displays should receive an update for the new season, especially if you prefer to decorate with natural elements. Sweep out the remnants of darker colors or ice-themed décor and bring in the bounty of flowers, greenery, and other symbols of spring in accessories like throws and throw pillows. Little details like new vases to fill with freshly cut flowers really freshen up the space without requiring much commitment at all.

Simple Spring Décor Changes for a Big Impact

Want to get a new look but don’t know where to start or how to decorate for spring? Try these three quick projects that bring the look of spring inside without much effort or investment.

1. Find a Cute New Shower Curtain

Grimy or fading shower curtains don’t send a spring-time fresh message to you or your guests. Indulge in a new curtain with a bouquet of spring flowers or another nature-inspired scene to bring serenity to your bathroom.

2. Bring in the Buds

Flowers are a seasonal decoration appropriate to many areas, but buds can pose an even more potent symbol of the potential of the season. Local florists and dried flower suppliers offer a wide range of plants like dried lavender, puss* willows, birch branches, and more that can last years with proper storage out of season.

3. Swap Out Throws and Pillows

Little accessories like the fleece throw on your couch or the throw pillow on your bed can set the mood for the entire room. Make sure these details are seasonal with spring-themed colors and designs. If you don’t want to store a bunch of bulky but light pillows out of season, try slip-on covers that quickly swap the look of the same set of accessories.

How to Decorate Different Rooms for Spring Time

Living rooms are updated the fastest when you swap out the wall décor. Try putting away the black and white or more somber art for the winter and bringing out pieces that pop with color and movement. Increasing the lighting to match the lengthening day outside can also set the mood for the season.

In the bedroom, heavy quilts should give way to lighter lace and brushed chenille materials that are still cozy but more suited for the season. Consider adding more delicate spring decorations for your home, like fresh floral arrangements and wreaths, to the bedroom as well.

For the kitchen, set out a spring-themed potholder and hot pad set while de-cluttering in general from holiday cooking efforts. Spring chicken cookie jars or utensil holders also bring some joy to the space. Don’t forget about floral centerpieces for the dining room table, especially during holiday celebrations.

Front Door and Porch Displays for Spring

Spring home decorations should start with your outdoor spaces so that your guests are greeted with the beauty of the season when they first arrive. Your patio is a perfect place for displaying those spring flowers and wreaths for the whole world to admire. If your spring nighttime temperatures are a little low for live plants, consider faux arrangements with plenty of color and beauty that won’t fade from frost. Even just spring-colored wreaths or porch banners can set the mood.

Spring Color Palettes

There are a wide range of spring color palettes to choose from depending on what colors your home already features. Unless you’re painting and renovating an entire room at once, you likely need to work around your existing wall and furniture color. Here are four fun palettes to consider that are on-trend for 2024.

Apricot, Pale Pink, Cream, and Silver

Refined and feminine, this color palette has a blush to it that’s reminiscent of cherry blossoms and fresh fruit. Yet it’s modern and sleek enough not to stand out too much or feel too saccharine.

Leaf Green, Light Turquoise, White, and Black

For a bolder spring palette that transitions seamlessly into early summer, pair a sprightly green with a pool-like turquoise blue. Let classic white and black balance the two out in the details.

Lemon Yellow, Gold, Greige, and Dark Green

Add a golden hue to everything by playing off the arrival of daffodils and dandelions with your home décor. This palette goes equally well with traditional or modern décor, depending on how you style it.

Raspberry Pink, Pale Yellow, and Seashell

You’ll practically taste the sweetness of this color palette. It’s perfect for putting a spring twist on a living room or bedroom that needs a little warmth for the season.

Hopefully, these spring home décor ideas spark some inspiration for your own home. It’s the perfect time to drop in for some customized recommendations from the Ashley team as well. Bring along measurements and photos of your current home décor so we can pair you with the perfect spring-themed pieces to match.

Step Into Spring: Spring Home Decor Ideas | Ashley (2024)
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