Simple Spring Home Decor Ideas (2024)

Simple Spring Home Decor Ideas (1)

I am so excited for spring, and today I want to share some simple spring home decor ideas with you!

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It is already March, can you believe it? We are still blanketed in several inches of snow here in Michigan, but something about the month of March gets me excited for warmer weather and the new season. I couldn’t help but find myself on Pinterest for inspiration, and I found so many simple spring home decor ideas that I am so excited to share!

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How can I decorate my house for spring?

Transitioning from Christmas to winter decor can be simple considering you can use some of the same greenery, etc. Spring however, brings a sense of warmth and hope of new life and along with it, new seasonal decor.

Spring is often associated with Easter, and with that comes decor such as bunnies, grass, eggs and all of the pastel colors. There is nothing wrong with this at all, but I don’t feel as if your spring decor needs to be centered around it.You can choose to keep things more minimal and subtle, which tends to be the way I decorate in the spring.

According to google, Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations – think of it as a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over.” Now of course I don’t mean completely new home decor in this sense, but decorating for spring can be a very seamless and simple process with this mindset.

When I think of new beginnings and starting fresh, I think of pretty spring flowers and bright beautiful colors. This can be incorporated easily into your decor with gorgeous faux greenery, fresh flowers, and bright cheerful artwork.

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You can also bring color into your spring home decor using terra cotta planters. They add a subtle brownish/orange hue to your decor, and are perfect for so many different varieties of indoor plants and flowers.

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Another way to make your house look like spring is to bring in hints and touches of galvanized metal. Think of a beautiful fresh green garden scene in your mind with colorful flowers bursting with new life. Almost always, there is a watering can or bucket in this space. Galvanized watering cans and buckets bring that spring garden feel into your home and add more texture as well.

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Spring is a time to peel layers back in your house. All of the warm thick throw blankets and pills can be put up and replaced with lighter fabrics. Even your curtains can be replaced with light, sheer drapes or you can even try no curtains at all. This will open up your space and help bring in the spring season making it light and airy.

Baskets are so versatile and have to be included in this post as a simple spring home decor idea. Different shapes and sizes bring so many beautiful tones and textures. Fill your baskets with fresh flowers, faux greenery, colorful vintage books and more!

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How can I decorate for spring on a budget?

Budget friendly ways to decorate for each season are so important to me. You don’t want to worry about spending a lot of money on seasonal decor that is only up for a few months.

Thankfully, many of the spring home decor ideas I listed above are very budget friendly considering they are easy thrift store finds. Almost every thrift store I have ever visited has a basket section and I often find terra cotta planters as well.

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Faux flowers and greenery can also be found thrifting, or even on sale often at craft stores like Hobby Lobby. I recently shared an entire video on YouTube about all of the exciting and affordable spring finds at Hobby Lobby.

Fresh flowers can be budget friendly spring decor as well. Most grocery stores sell them now, including the one in my tiny little town! A $5 bouquet can look beautiful and anything fresh in your home will add to that spring feel.

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How do you make your house cozy in the spring?

Peeling back the different layers of winter decor in your home doesn’t mean your home still can’t be cozy. For many, including me up in Michigan, spring is still a cold season, all the way through May.

I recently shared two different blog posts sharing cozy home ideas for wintertime and many of these still apply for spring!

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Deep cleaning your home as you transition into a new season is always helpful. I am amazed by the sense of peace and calm a clean house brings me. Simple and clean surfaces are always a must for me, and definitely help to achieve coziness.

A few other cozy touches that you can incorporate into your spring home decor are candles, lamps, and essential oils. Having warm lighting and fresh clean scents can go a very long way!

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I am very excited for spring, and very excited to share the different room tours with you as I incorporate all of these simple spring home decor ideas into my own home. Do you have any other ideas you personally use as your decorate for spring? I would love to read them in the comments!

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Simple Spring Home Decor Ideas (2024)
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