Spiced Eggplant and Tomatoes With Runny Eggs Recipe (2024)

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Great solution for those of us with late summer garden bounty. Made with yellow heirloom tomatoes and Japanese eggplant. The nuts add essential texture. Even appealed to my picky husband.


Really good and, like shakshuka, very riffable. Made with small garden eggplants and yellow pear tomatoes. Added some chilis with the garlic and "clean out the fridge" greens with the tomatoes. Used Spicewalla's delicious garam masala blend. Pine nuts were perfect. Husband's birthday dinner was a hit!


delicious! I used Melissa Clark's recipe for baharat spice mix, see this recipe%20Search%20Recipe%20Card&pgType=search&rank=4 Next time I will try roasting the eggplant to save fuss & use less oil, Definitely make the pine nut, baharat mix on the stove, add garlic to pan, roasted eggplant, & tomato as per step 4.


OK, so I overcooked the eggs a tad (hate undercooked eggwhite....ugh) and they were not runny. But this was still delicious! Even though I completely forgot to incorporate the final two sentences of the recipe. I was hungry! I used garam masala, slivered almonds, and a generous amount of basil, parsley and mint. Good thing there is enough leftover eggplant/tomato stew for me to try again tomorrow with another egg and the spiced nuts, etc.


Delicious! Great use of end-of-summer vegetables. The eggplant melts into the sauce and isn’t too eggplanty at the end. I threw in chopped yellow onion, yellow squash, green bell pepper and handful of beet greens. I didn’t have baharat so I used “shawarma spice” which I imagine is similar; I also added some dried mint leaves. The herbs I added were basil, mint, parsley and sorrel. I only used two eggs at the end, and served with toast and wedge of feta. Maybe better than usual shakshuka!


I was surprised how good this is. Like Faye, next time will roast the eggplant. Used garam masala that I had. Eggs took 6 minutes. Still runny. Melissa Clark, still amazing. Much appreciated.


Made this as eggplant stew, since I’m not a poached egg fan, but I love eggplant. Garam masala definitely worked as a substitute for baharat, but next time I may try adding some hot pepper with the garlic for a little more heat. I served it over rotini and it was delish!


Will make again and again. Absolutely delicious. Had to fight for the leftovers. Do not skip the nuts and lemon zest.


Honestly, besides the no knead bread, this is the best NYT recipe I've tried. A great base to try new things with: I used a reduced amount of berbere spice mix, as well as pistachios and almonds, and it came out delicious! I did depart from the recipe by adding water repeatedly after step 5 if the dish looked too dry.


Really good. Had garam masala on hand, so used that (more than the recipe calls for, though). My partner is vegan though I am not, so I tucked one little egg into a corner of the eggplant/tomato stew and folded domino-shaped tofu into the rest. Both worked just fine. Don’t stint on the fresh herbs! They bring this dish over the top.

Pat K

Loved this. Served it with Salsa Verde. Used slice almonds in lieu of pine nuts.


I have made this quite a few times, it even pleased my wife who dislikes eggplant. Every time it’s a bit different, according to what’s on hand, but always delicious.


Made half recipe of this tonight with Japanese eggplant, Sungold tomatoes, and herbs from the garden. Didn’t bother with step 1 (eggplant didn’t need it), and used Berbere and garam masala in place of baharat, but otherwise followed recipe exactly. It was delicious! Husband is a fan. Served with slices of homemade bread, but I suspect would also be great with pita/naan/any kind of flatbread.Highly recommend!


This was so yummy! Lovely recipe


This was good, but not great. NYT is pretty much never spicy enough for my palate. If you also like things with a lot of oomph, I recommend more masala, more garlic, and perhaps a mild pepper (like jalapeño, with seeds) or some pepper flakes. That would pump it up a bit.

Darcie Gannon

This is delicious, a wonderful combination of flavors. I do have to comment that following the weights/measurements for the tomato and eggplant, this was more like two servings than four or six! Two not even large servings…


Doubled the baharat and pine nuts and used all mint..delicious! I halved the recipe and it was the perfect light but satisfying dinner for two with wheat pita.


Yum! I made as a stew & soft boiled my eggs separately. The toasty slivered almonds were sooo good


Bless you, Melissa Clark. This was a delicious recipe. I made it as written.


Just in case you have Lebanese 7 spice on hand ( which I did) that is apparently the same as Baharat per a quick google.

my notes

Also I put it in the oven to cook the eggs


Excellent flavors and use of summer veggies. We didn’t have enough eggplant, so replaced the missing volume with red onion. Yum! Would also be delicious with zucchini.


Very tasty! Even Ross liked it. Added a chopped browned hatch Chile pepper after browning the eggplant. Herbs were parsley, basil, Thai basil (great addition) and a little cilantro. Prep everything before starting to cook...


Absolutely delicious, followed the recipe as written and it was perfect--a definite keeper. Except I had no baharat so used ras el hanout, which worked superbly. Served with a lightly toasted halved baguette to mop up the sauce. Thanks to other readers for suggestions of nuts, feta, etc. I will try those next time. An excellent way to showcase late summer veggies.

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Spiced Eggplant and Tomatoes With Runny Eggs Recipe (2024)
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