Lucky 38 Suite Revolutions (TTW) (2024)


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Lucky 38 Suite Revolutions (TTW) - 1.0rc1


A complete replacement for the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite which greatly expands and enhances it. Includes dynamic Weapon Displays, Automated Sorting, and more! The version is built for Tale of Two Wastelands, supporting every weapon, armor and item in both the Mojave and the Wasteland! This is the ultimate player home for any wastelander, but especially for collectors & hoarders!

This mod is built atop the great work of Chocbar98, KospY, Azlla and KatoHostilius who built the original Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded mod, provided updates and the first TTW compatibility patch. A huge thanks to all of them! An additional massive thanks to the TTW team. My play-through of TTW was the best fallout experience of my life. I've enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to get into modding!

This is my first mod of any kind, so please excuse any issues with it and do send along any feedback or bug reports! I spent a lot of time getting it to this point, but there's definitely still work to do before I consider it finished.


A beautiful player home in the Presidential Suite above the Lucky 38, overlooking the Strip
Tons of available upgrades purchasable with the in-suite Console that add additional decorations and unique functionality including custom displays for every weapon in DC and the Mojave!
Automatic item sorting for Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Mods, Ammo, Chems, Food, Drink, Books, Magazines


Redesigned and remodeled most rooms to improve appearance and fix Graphical Errors
Lots of scripts re-written from the ground up to be lighter, more functional, and easier to maintain
Major overhaul of the Armory, adding support for every weapon from FO3, FNV, and TTW/Cut Content!
Rework of the Workshop (formerly called the Lab), Kitchen and Infirmary to improve the crafting and storage experience
Tons of individual adjustments and fixes to placement of objects and lights


Fallout New Vegas & All DLC
Fallout 3 & All DLC
Tale of Two Wastelands
JohnnyGuitar NVSE


Install TTW and all required mods. I highly recommend the "Wasteland Survival Guide" Installation Guide
Install as any other mod, manually or using a Mod Manager'
Because this mod is relatively performance-intensive, I recommend installing performance-improving mods like the 4GB patcher, New Vegas Heap Replacer, etc. See Recommened Mods Section below.


New Vegas Heap Replacer
FNV 4GB Patcher
lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
New Vegas Tick Fix
Lucky 38 Casino Marker A simple mod that does just what it says on the tin (and a bit more), you'll be glad you have this is the L38 is your home base!
CFEE - Companion Overhaul (With Modded Companion Support) Makes it simple to manage lots of companions, have them all hang out in your home, and seems to improve their "idle" behaviour


Miscellaneous Fixes:

Fixed pianos, they now play a song when used if unlocked
Fixed washing machine scripts, restoring original functionality
Removed some visual effects that were invisible, barely visible or ugly to boost performance
Each weapon display given a discrete activation panel (can become hard to reach the display itself when full of displayed items)
All rooms given a dedicated panel for auto-sorting/managing contents
Moved "fired companion spawn point" to avoid pileups near player spawn (especially with large numbers of followers or large followers like Fawkes)


Renamed "Lab" to "Workshop" to reflect change in purpose over different version of the mod
Reorganized and added additional storage containers
Moved reloading station and ammo component containers from Armory to Workshop
Completely rewritten and optimized scripts
New/Updated form lists for sorting
Crafting Items (All Items used in Workbench/Crafting Recipes)
Currencies (Casino Chips, NCR Money, Legion Money, Pre-war Money)
Repeatable Quest Hand-ins (FO3 Repeatable Quests: Super Mutant Blood Sample, Dog Tags, etc)
Drained Energy Containers
Ammo Crafting Components (Added FO3 Ammo Components from TTW)
Notable Items (Unique Misc Items, Quest Items, Etc)
"Essentials" (Items which will never be auto-deposited and kept in inventory)
Dumpster: All Misc Items not on any other form list (e.g. Workbench, Cooking, Ammo Components, Essentials)


Reorganized and added additional storage containers
New containers: Crafting Fridge, Misc Counter, Drinks Fridge, Food Fridge
Items now sort into four categories using the available panel:
Fridge - Crafting Ingredients: any food and drink item used in Survival/Cooking recipes
Fridge - Drinks: all consumable beverages which are not used in recipes
Fridge - Food: all consumable food which is not used in recipes
Counter - Misc: all non-food items used in Survival/Cooking recipes such as Coffee Pot, Glass Pitcher, Empty Bottles
Some kitchen decorations appear when corresponding items are in the right container, similar to Weapon Displays


Slight remodel to improve layout and fix clipping
Fixed and improved Chem sorting
Ant Nectar / Ant Queen Nectar / Fire Ant Nectar now sort correctly
Alien Biogel / Adapted Biogel container added
Alien Epoxy sorts corectly (Misc along with Stealth Boy and Weapon Repair Kit)
Venoms/Poisons moved to Workshop
Recovery Chamber
Updated code to avoid companions moving into the chamber and clipping through the player
Improved message when used to clarify effect of the chamber


Nuka Cola & Sunset Sasparilla Vending Machines Upgrades
Remodeled and rearranged furniture, added some additional lighting and decor
Added a Bobblehead Display Stand and made Snow Globe Display Stand more prominent


Improved Book/Magazine Display (Hidden container, new panel, multiple sort/take options)
Fixed overlapping meshes/textures causing visual distortion in Guest Bedroom


Major Remodel, removing unused assets, rearranging existing ones and adding some new
Added table & chairs with Weapon Mod storage to central area. Unlocks with the "Misc" Weapon Display upgrade
Fixed Dog Tag / Recompense of the Fallen appearing floating in front of display
Fixed "Red Glare" unique emitting a smoke effect when displayed
Fist display now only shows Unique Deathclaw Gauntlets (Fist of Rawr, Fist of the North Rawr). Other Deathclaw Gauntlets moved to new "Crafted Weapons" display
Fixed overlapping armory gates causing visual distortion
Fixed overlapping textures/meshes on inner walls for weapon displays causing visual distortion
Massively optimized code for handling weapon displays (number of lines reduced by 65%! faster, more flexible and easier to maintain)
Improved/expanded "variants support" for Weapon Displays -- any items that share a model will cause it to appear on the display (e.g. Power Fist and The Shocker, Infiltrator and Perforator) as long as at least one of them is present.
Added variants support to "Add All Compatible Weapons" menu item. All FO3/FNV/TTW weapons will be properly deposited in their appropriate container
Every Weapon Display reorganized by hand to accommodate additional items, to order items more sensibly, and to generally improve appearance
"Heavy" Weapon Display now unlocked with the hand explosives & explosive launchers upgrade
Auto-sorting of all weapons/mods/ammo to appropriate containers/displays using panel near the Armory entrance in one button press!
Auto-sorting of all weapons will also correctly sort all weapons NOT supported by displays (e.g. from other mods) into Misc cabinet
Auto-sorting will put all Weapon Mods into the container on the central table if the Misc display is unlocked
Renamed "Maces" display to "Blunt" to better reflect Fallout terminology
Fixed relationships between displays and upgrades so that everything unlocks appropriately
Swapped several models on Weapon Displays for the "1st person" versions. Much greater quality and detail.
Ammo Display Reorganized & Added a box for .32 ammo
Completely rewritten armor sorting code to improve performance and flexibility
Added Power Armor locker, moved clothing into a suitcase on the table
All armor from FO3/TTW/FNV autosorts correctly
Moved/added all SMGs to New Display to free up room on others (unlocks with other Gun displays)
Silenced .22 SMG
.45 Auto submachine gun
9mm submachine gun
Vance's 9mm submachine gun
10mm submachine gun
H&H Tools nail gun
12.7mm submachine gun
Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG
Alloy Steel 10mm submachine gun

New Display: Crafted Weapons (unlockable through Lucky 38 Upgrade Terminals, new custom sign)
Railway Rifle
Rock-It Launcher
Dart Gun
Deathclaw Gauntlet

New Display: Toys & Gadgets shelves (unlockable through Lucky 38 Upgrade Terminals, new custom sign)
Useable Cameras
Shovel (moved from blunt)
Flare Gun (moved from pistols)
Laser Detonator (moved from energy pistols)
BB gun (moved from shotguns)
Abilene Kid LE BB gun (moved from shotguns)
Some additional "easter egg" toys/items
Updated ALL Weapon Displays to support every FO3/FNV/TTW weapon
.32 Pistol / Wild Bill's Sidearm
Chinese pistol / Chinese Dragoon pistol
Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol
Alloy Steel 10mm pistol
Law Dog
Callahan's Magnum
Combat shotgun / The Terrible Shotgun
Double-barrel shotgun
Alloy Steel Combat shotgun
The Kneecapper
Assault Rifles
Assault rifle
Alloy Steel Assault rifle
Chinese assault rifle / Xuanlong assault rifle
Chinese Dragoon Assault rifle
Infiltrator / Perforator
.32 Rifle (FO3 hunting rifle) / 'Ol Painless
Lever-action rifle
Lincoln's repeater
Victory rifle
Reservists rifle
Backwater rifle
Fist of Rawr/Fist of the North Rawr
1-Handed blades
Chinese officer's sword / Vampire's Edge
Jingwei's Shocksword
Trench Knife
Blunt (formerly "maces")
Shock Baton
Repellent Stick
Board of Education
2-Handed Blades
Blade of the East
Auto-axe / Mauler / Steel Axe / Man Opener
Energy Pistols
Protectron's Gaze
Alien tomizer
Atomic pulverizer
Captain's Sidearm
Microwave emitter
Moved all variants of the sonic emitter to the same spot since player should never have more than one
Energy Rifles
A3-21's plasma rifle
Alien disintegrator
Moved Arc Welder to Energy Heavy Display
Moved Cyberdog Gun / FIDO off the floor and into proper mounting
Energy Heavy
Drone cannon / Drone cannon Ex-B
Arc Welder (moved from Heavy Display)
Hand Explosives
Holy Frag Grenade
Cryo Mine
Cryo Grenade
Nuka co*cktail
Molotov co*cktail
C4 Detonator (moved from explosives launcher display so it displays next to the C4)
(REMOVED) Stun Grenade


Major pass of lighting and effects to make sure lights appear in proper locations near sources, lights properly activated by switches, generally brighten many areas.
A quest for fully-upgrading the suite with a unique reward: A Brand-New Butler Bot!
Butler Bot will allow the player to autosort all items into the entire base, allow crafting from all inventories simultaneously
Improved Farm area with additional FO3/TTW harvestables
Mannequins for displaying Clothes & Armor!

Lucky 38 Suite Revolutions (TTW) (2024)
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