How does she do it? Sienna Miller 'ready to be UK's biggest star' (2024)

Sienna Miller has, at times, been more famous for who she dated than her work as an actress.

But just five months after having a baby, the 42-year-old stole the show on the red carpet in Cannes last night as she promoted her new movie -Kevin Costner's western epic, Horizon: An American Saga.

Her co-star Costner summed her up yesterday by saying: 'Her outward beauty is undeniable, but she's so skilled as an actress.'

Embracing being a mother again in her early forties, Sienna is undergoing a renaissance with fans and commentators declaring that the British actress has 'never looked better'despite the demands of work and having a young family.

Brand and Culture Expert Nick Ede told MailOnline that he predicts that Sienna could be about to 'steal the crown to become the UKs biggest Hollywood star'.

He said: 'Sienna’s been looking after herself and got herself red carpet ready knowing this is going to be her big return to the big screen and knowing all eyes will be on her. She’s done everything right and she commands The Croisette' - the beating heart of Cannes.

Sienna's breakthrough roles came 20 years ago in Layer Cake and Alfie - but despite winning plaudits for American Sniper her acting career hasn't consistently hit the same heights.

But the 42-year-old is back in the big timedespite the demands of a red carpet promotional campaign in the south of France this week, Sienna has also brought her newborn baby and 11-year-daughter with her.

Marlowe Sturridge, daughter of Sienna's ex-partner Tom Sturridge, also stole the show stood next to her mother and step-father Oli Greene, 27.

Sienna Miller is undergoing a renaissance

Sienna Miller was supported by family on Sunday night, as she was joined by OliGreen and daughter Marlowe, 11, at the premiere of her film Horizon: An American Saga premiere in Cannes

Costner and Miller on the red carpet at the 77th annual Cannes Film Festival

Sienna Miller in Cannes yesterday - just five months after giving birth

Sienna showed off her baby bump at the Vogue World in December, before giving birth a month later to a baby girl

Sienna with former fiance Jude Law and ex Daniel Craig in 2004 - the year she Alfie and Layer Cake were released

Sienna looks to have barely aged a day since breakthrough year of 2004. She has put her health and fitness down to regular yoga and a love of protein-rich fried eggs and vitamin-laden Marmite - ignoring trends like 'chia seed and whatever grains', Sienna said recently.

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The actor is pictured while taking to the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival yesterday, for the premier of his movieHorizon: An American Saga'

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But she has confessed to 'cheating' by using a little fake tan to make her skin glow, her youthful appearance is down to regular facials starting at£400 for 90 minutes and her famous champagne blonde hair highlights will cost at least £500.

Experts are predicting that 2024 is the year she is stepping out of the shadows having been eclipsed for years by boyfriends such as Jude Law and Orlando Bloom as well as rumoured lovers Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt.

More Hollywood roles in her forties and a run on Broadway in New York, where she lives with her family, is also being predicted.

Nick Ede said that years of being 'bypassed' by directors for actresses on shows like The Crown and Downton Abbey may be over.

He said: 'She has always been someone that has perhaps been more associated with her partners than her work but for once and for all she's back and stealing the crown to become the UKs biggest Hollywood star.

'Ms Millar is back at the top of her game and wowing the crowds in Cannes with her stylist clothes, fabulous looks and wonderful acting in the new Kevin Costner movie Horizon.

'Sienna has always been a brilliant actress but it feels that for a while she was being bypassed by UK stars who appeared in The Crown and people were not considering Sienna as one of our best actresses.

'With this new movie and her post baby glow she has the world at her feet and with the great reviews she's receiving I think she will be up for awards and be offered some meaty starring roles in the next few years.

'I can see her getting some big brand endorsem*nts too and she's always loved treading the boards so I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to do a play on Broadway for a limited run to build her fanbase and her acting resume just gets better and better'.

Sienna Miller (pictured yesterday) appears in both parts of Costner's western epic, filming some of it while pregnant last year

British actress Miller, 42, said that she would go 'to the ends of the earth' for Costner. He said of her: 'I think she's one of our great actresses. Her outward beauty is undeniable, but she's so skilled as an actress'

Sienna Miller attends The 2024 Met Gala two weeks ago

Sienna Miller, 42, reflected on bizarre pregnancy cravings as she detailed 'indulgent' babymoon at a celebrity hotspot in the Maldives last year (pictured inSt Tropez in August)

The actress, 42, welcomed her second child - and first with Oli Green- in January, a baby girl whose name they have not revealed (pictured in October)

The actress has barely aged a day since starring in Layer Cake and Alfie more than twenty years ago (pictured in Layer Cake in 2004)

The actress has barely aged a day since starring in Layer Cake and Alfie more than twenty years ago.

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Kevin Costner's Horizon epic has been slammed by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and received scathing reviews despite getting a 10 minute standing ovation at Cannes

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The actress, who lives in New York, has said that she is more yoga girl than spinning class fiend.

She said recently: 'Cooking is a focus for me. But I wouldn't say healthy … I'm more of a home cook: roasts, some Asian food, pastas and sauces and soups. In terms of, like, chia seed and whatever grains, no. I'm like, 'Fried eggs and Marmite toast'.'

Sienna was on the red carpet with Kevin Costner in Cannes to promote his Western opus Horizon over the weekend.

The film has received mixed early reviews - but it marks a significant big screen return for Sienna.

Kevin's made the first two film instalments which will both be out this year, and is now editing the third and fourth - and he he has financed it himself.

Co-star Sienna was in Cannes to share the spotlight with recently-divorced Costner, who said: 'I'm financing this and doing a lot of this myself.

'It was just going to be me and Sienna Miller, and then I got to thinking about it and I thought: I'm going to bring all the women [in the film].I sent an email to all the guys: that I'm taking six girls. They're never celebrated enough.'

Sienna has found love with actor and model Oli Green.

The Layer Cake star is already mother to daughter Marlowe, ten, with her ex Tom Sturridge.

Now she has a baby with Oli, born in January,

Discussing her relationship with Oli, who is 15 years her junior, Sienna told British Vogue previously: 'There's a misogyny that is ingrained in men of my age and older that I don't see in [the] generation below'.

New role: Sienna Miller's boyfriend Oli Green had a role in The Crown

Loved-up:They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscars party and have made several public appearances together since, including at Wimbledon in July 2023

Oli (far right in the show) was in the series as Kate Middleton's boyfriend Rupert Finch, who she dated for a year at St Andrew's University before she began a relationship with Prince William

Oli was in the sixth and final series of The Crown as Kate Middleton's boyfriendbefore she began a relationship with Prince William.

He played fourth-year law student Rupert Finch, who dated the now Princess of Wales for a year at St Andrew's University.

In March last year he was seen filming for the Netflix showin St Andrews withEd McVey and Meg Bellamyplaying Will and Kate.

Oli studied at at the Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York and has been acting since 2019.

According to IMDb, his first role of any sort was in the music video for John Eatherly's Burnout alongside Kaia Gerber when he was 22 years old.

He also appeared alongside Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman in 2023 film A Good Person.

But Oli's modelling career took off first, and he has worked with many household names on promotions.

He was the face of Gap's 2017 I Am campaign, and has also appeared alongside Cara Delavigne in a string of Burberry jobs.

Oli and Sienna began being romantically linked in early 2022 when they were spotted together in New York City.

Soon after, in March that year, their romance was confirmed when they left the BAFTAs together as they headed for British Vogue's Fashion & Film afterparty.

They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscars party and have made several public appearances together since, including at Wimbledon in July 2023.

Jude Law and Sienna Miller attend the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity" exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 8, 2010

Sienna Miller and Jamie Dornan 'Blow-up' Party hosted by Pepe Jeans in 2006

Sean "Diddy" Combs and Sienna Miller at a party

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty were in a relationship in 2008

Sienna Miller (L) and Tom Sturridge had a child together, Marlowe

Romance: Oli and Sienna began being romantically linked in early 2022 when they were spotted together in New York City (pictured in March 2022)

Sienna's happy relationship came after dating a string of A-listers, starting with Jude Law.

She and Jude starred in Alfie together in 2004 but by then had been dated one another for a while.

But a year later they split up, when it came out that Jude had had an affair with his children's nanny.

Jude - now a father-of-five - famously issued a public apology after the scandal emerged, and Sienna has said recently: 'We don't see each other that much. I care about him enormously.'

They attempted a reconciliation in 2009, but this didn't last. The news came that they had split for good in 2011.

She also had a rumoured relationship with Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom

Sienna and Orlando were first linked in 2001, but were later pictured cosying up at a polo match in the summer of 2005.

'They spent ages cuddling, kissing and gazing at each other. There was real chemistry,' a witness said at the time.

Sienna admitted in 2014 that she and James Bond star Daniel enjoyed a 'brief affair' in 2005 having met during the filming of 2004's Layer Cake.

It's assumed this took place after the revelations that Jude had cheated on her in 2004.

In 2005 it was reported that Sienna was said to be the reason Gisele Bundchen dumped Leonardo DiCaprio.

It's said he was seen looking very close with Sienna in a club in LA one night, leading to the split.

Sienna reportedly enjoyed several dates with the would-be Fifty Shades Of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan, much to the chagrin of her friend, and his ex, Keira Knightley.

A source at the time said: 'Keira went through hell with Jamie, because he couldn't deal with her fame. She was horrified when she heard Sienna has enjoyed a series of dates with Jamie. She likes Sienna and doesn't want to see her make the same mistakes.'

Sienna's response was apparently: 'I'm a big girl and I'll make my own mistakes.'

Josh Hartnett and Sienna were allegedly caught flirting at Hollywood hang out Chateau Marmont in January 2007.

It was denied - but onlookers claimed the hunky actor had his hand on her thigh at one point. In the same year she was also linked to rapper P Diddy.

She also had a relationship with actor Rhys Ifans.

Thought to have been introduced via her Primrose Hill gal pals Kate Moss and Jude law's ex-wife Sadie Frost, Sienna started dating Notting Hill actor Rhys .

She was 26 at the time and when she split from Rhys - claiming she 'wanted to be selfish for just a little bit longer' - it reportedly devastated him.

Sienna had a daughter, Marlowe, with actor TomSturridge a year after they got together in 2011.

Despite their eventual split, she told Harper's Bazaar in 2017: 'He is my best friend in the entire world. 'I think in a break-up somebody has to be a little bit cruel in order for it to be traditional, but it's not been acrimonious in a way where you would choose to not be around that person.

'We don't live together, as has been reported recently, but we do half the time. Everybody will stay over or we'll all go on holiday and that's because we genuinely want to be around each other.

'It's great for our daughter that she has two parents who love each other and are friends. He's definitely my best friend in the entire world.'

The pair were engaged in 2012. The reasons for their eventual split has never been truly known.

She was then romantically linked to Brad Pitt.

Having split from his wife Angelia Jolie, rumours began circuling Brad and Sienna in 2017 when they were snapped in April 2017 at an LA restaurant together, after the premiere of their project The Lost City Of Z.

She slammed rumours that they were romantically linked, branding it 'predictable and silly'.

That summer, however, they enjoyed a 3am rendezvous during the Saturday morning of Glastonbury Festival in 2017.

It's said they spent time together at the festival's exclusive Rabbit Hole area before disappearing to a VIP Winnebago. Onlookers claimed they 'couldn't keep their hands of each other'.

In 2019 she went more low key.

The actress went public with her relationship with art gallery owner Lucas in Janaury 2019, after being introduced through mutual friends.

In January 2020, she was spotted with what looked like an engagement ring, while out and about in New York. There is a 10-year age gap between the pair.

She later met Oli. And they looked fantastically happy in Cannes over the weekend.

How does she do it? Sienna Miller 'ready to be UK's biggest star' (2024)


How did Sienna Miller become famous? ›

Sienna Rose Diana Miller (born 28 December 1981) is an American-born British actress. Born in New York City and raised in London, she began her career as a photography model, appearing in the pages of Italian Vogue and for the 2003 Pirelli calendar. Her acting breakthrough came in the 2004 films Layer Cake and Alfie.

What ethnicity is Sienna Miller? ›

She is the daughter of a South African-born mother and American father. She has lived in England for most of her life and has dual citizenship - American and British.

Does Sienna Miller have a baby? ›

The actress, 42, who shares daughter Marlowe, 11, with ex-Tom Sturridge, welcomed her second child, a baby girl, (her first with boyfriend, Oli Green) in January. Speaking to U.K. newspaper The Times in an article published May 19, Miller shared the inside details of her 'babymoon' which took place at the end of 2023.

What roles has Sienna Miller played? ›

Sienna's film credits include Alfie (2004) (Susan Sarandon, Jude Law), Casanova (2005) (Heath Ledger), Factory Girl (2006) (Hayden Christensen, Guy Pearce) and Interview (2007) (Steve Buscemi).

Does Sienna Miller wear a wig? ›

Upon first glance you could be forgiven for thinking the actress was just wearing a shabby-looking wig, but no she isn't. That is her actual barnet. Like Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables before her Sienna actually went under the scissors for her new film role, turning to hairdresser Luke Hersheson to chop off her locks.

Does Sienna Miller have a dog? ›

COORDINATED COUPLE. Who else but Sienna Miller could pull off matching her red studded booties to her dog's leash? On Sept. 22, the star hit the streets of downtown Manhattan in T-shirt and Louis Vuitton scarf to walk her dog Bess.

Does Sienna Miller have tattoos? ›

Sienna Miller is a complete artist: British-American actress, stylist and model. She has a tattoo inspired by the cosmos and stars on her shoulder. In this article , we will explore the symbolism of constellations in tattooing, as well as the art of celestial mapping.

How did Sienna Miller meet Oli Green? ›

How did Sienna Miller and Oli Green meet? Sienna and Oli first met back in 2021, sharing a kiss after being introduced at a mutual friend's Halloween party. While it might sound like a fairytale start, their relationship wasn't plain sailing.

Is Sienna Miller related to Kelly Hoppen? ›

Her first marriage was to Graham Corrett from 1982 until 1989. From that marriage, she has one daughter, food writer Natasha Corrett. Her second marriage was to Edwin Miller from 1989 until 2003. From that marriage, she was stepmother to actress Sienna Miller and fashion designer Savannah Miller.

Who did Sienna Miller date in 2005? ›

The year also marked the debut of Layer Cake, a crime movie in which Miller stars opposite Daniel Craig. Miller and Craig on the set of the 2004 film 'Layer Cake. ' It later came out that Miller had an affair with Craig in 2005, following the filming of Layer Cake.

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