15 Winter Solstice Recipes That'll Make A Dark Day Seem A Little Brighter (2024)


15 Winter Solstice Recipes That'll Make A Dark Day Seem A Little Brighter (1)

15 Winter Solstice Recipes That'll Make A Dark Day Seem A Little Brighter

Celebrate the shortest day of the year with good food and even better company!

by Caroline Burke


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The winter solstice is Dec. 21, and with that comes the shortest day and longest night of the entire year. Since the winter solstice happens in the middle of the holidays (and is a traditionally Pagan holiday in the first place), some people might not remember to actually celebrate it. But if you do decide to get together with friends to celebrate the occasion, there are tons of winter solstice foods and recipes to keep you warm and fed while also honoring the holiday.

The winter solstice is traditionally celebrated as a symbol of the changing seasons and of the Earth's "rebirth," so to speak, so the traditional meals to accompany the winter solstice have an emphasis on the Earth itself, focusing on nuts, berries, spices, squash, potatoes, and hunted game like goose and deer.

Now, nobody expects you to hunt a deer for your winter solstice meal, but a few Earth-focused recipes will certainly do the trick — not to mention some warm drinks to get you through this cold winter's night. The winter solstice, if you choose to celebrate it, should be spent with friends and family, as what you choose to serve during the meal itself is less important than the company. With that said, here are 15 easy winter solstice recipes to cook up for the longest night of the year.


Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad

This Brussels sprouts recipe by What’s Gabby Cooking is sure to be a hit — at least, for people who like Brussels sprouts (don't worry yourself over people who don't like Brussels sprouts, because after all, you can't convert a non-believer). This recipe is extra yummy because it includes pomegranate seeds, olive oil, and red pepper flakes, which are all ideal ingredients to spice things up.


Vegan Butternut Squash Pizza

What better way to celebrate a winter holiday that’s all about the Earth than with a vegan butternut squash pizza? This recipe by the Minimalist Baker is made with butternut squash sauce (say that five times fast), broccolini, and chickpeas to create a heavenly (and healthy) pizza dish.


Warm And Roasted Winter Salad Bowl

If you're making cold salads in the winter, you're totally missing out. This warm and roasted salad bowl by Oh She Glows is the perfect way to heat up on a long, cold night.

With gold potatoes, yummy quinoa, and kale, you'll fill your stomach with all the right nutrients to get you through the longest night of the year.


A Hearty Winter Solstice Soup

There's literally nothing more heartwarming than a big bowl of soup on a cold winter's night, and this winter solstice soup by Sara Meyes will keep you cozy through the long, chilly evening. With carrots, onions, potatoes, and a whole handful of herbs, this soup is sure to be a favorite you'll keep coming back to all season long.


Winter Solstice Goose

For those of you who are more ambitious with your cooking, roasting a goose for a winter solstice get-together is a surefire way to confirm that your friends will never forget that night for the rest of their lives. In all seriousness, though, roasting a goose is pretty similar to roasting a chicken. This roasted goose recipe by The Fruit Guys is easy to follow, and the goose is seasoned with dried fruit for an extra delicious flavor.


Rum Spiced Egg Nog

Egg nog is the ultimate holiday drink — but it's not complete without a little hair of the dog. This rum spiced egg nog recipe by Autumn Earth Song includes vanilla extract, cloves, and cinnamon for the ultimate spiced winter beverage that will be a crowd favorite.


Black Bean Squash Buckwheat Empanada

This creative empanada recipe by Food By Mars is gluten-free and vegan, so it's sure to satisfy all of your friends' palates, regardless of their dietary preferences. It does require a little extra work (the crust is homemade too, with buckwheat flour), but the effort will be much appreciated when everyone takes a bite of all that wintry goodness.


Non-alcoholic Wassail

Wassail is a type of hot, spiced beer that is characteristic of the winter solstice holiday tradition. This nonalcoholic wassail recipe by Patheos includes cranberry juice, white sugar, and cinnamon sticks to get you in the solstice mood. And hey, nothing's stopping you from adding a little bit of liquor to the recipe, should you decide you want it. Cheers!


Chicken And Dumplings With Mushrooms

This chicken and dumplings with mushrooms recipe is a soul-warming, savory recipe perfect for winter solstice. The dumplings are homemade, which makes for a fun activity to do with all of your friends. And with everyone contributing to the recipe, it only makes it that much tastier once it’s finished!


Baked Brie Bites

Who doesn’t love bite-sized snacks to munch on throughout the evening? These baked brie bites have the perfect hint of sweetness paired with a gooey cheesy inside. It’s best to serve them straight out of the oven.


Beef And Guinness Pie

Go all out this winter solstice with a beef and guinness pie. A traditional Irish beef stew, this hearty dish that’s topped with puff pasty will warm you up during long cold nights. Featuring comforting ingredients like carrots, celery, beef broth, and herbs, it’s a straight-forward winter solstice recipe that will still impress your guests.


Winter Solstice Shortbread

Classic shortbread with a bit of a twist, this solstice shortbread is a traditional dish ideal for celebrating winter solstice. With crystallized ginger, this shortbread has a spicy yet comforting kick, and you’ll be snacking on it all night long.


Slow Cooker Lamb Tacos

Slow cooker lamb tacos are a cozy winter solstice food for the long night ahead. With homemade salsa and slow-cooked lamb, every bite is full of flavor. Plus, these are mini so they’re easy to share with all your guests.


Yule Log Cake

There’s no better way to celebrate the winter solstice than with a traditional yule log cake. The chocolate buttercream frosting with the spongy cake is a sweet treat this winter solstice. Pair your yule log cake with a winter co*cktail for the perfect after-dinner combo.


Macaroni Au Gratin

Baked to perfection, there’s no better way to warm up this winter solstice than with this cheesy and crispy macaroni au gratin. With three different types of cheeses, this recipe is the ultimate comfort food, making it the perfect side dish or a vegetarian main for a cold winter night.

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15 Winter Solstice Recipes That'll Make A Dark Day Seem A Little Brighter (2024)
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